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adjective pronoun

A.the use of possessive adjactives
possessive adjective are used to express possessions they can't stands alone, but they are followed by a noun.
example :
  1.this is my car
  2.that is your bag
  3.that is his motorcycle
  4.her husband is a doctor

B.the use of possessive pronoun
 possessive pronoun are used to express possessions,they can stand alone . they are not followed by a noun.
example :
  1.this is my car, mine is made in japan
  2.that is your bag, yours is black and mine is blue
  3.laura is my wife, she is mine

C.the use of reflexive pronouns
 Rwflexive pronouns are words that are used to express something that has a reciprocal relation.
  1.you will hurt yourself.
  2.he bought himself a car.
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